Ying Liu joined the lab

Ms. Ying Liu has decided to join the group as a research assistant before she joins ICBN in next fall as a new student in our Ph. D. program. Her background fulfills the requirement for entry examination waiver of the program. Welcome on board, Ying!

Yanhong joins the group

Yanhong has officially joined the group this semester. She is in the chemistry M. S. program. Welcome, Yanhong!

Welcome, Zhiyong!

Mr. Zhiyong Chen passed the on-site interview for ’18 Fall graduate students (Ph. D. program) and has decided to join our group. He has now started in the group as a research assistant, preparing for his upcoming Ph. D. adventure starting in September. Welcome, Zhiyong!

Welcome, Jianxue!

Ms. Jianxue Wang transferred into our group this week. She was a graduate student in Dr. Qiaobing Xu’s group. Welcome, Jianxue!

Welcome, new students!

The new school year has begun! Two new students, Qing Lu and Quan Zhang, have joined the group. Welcome, Qing and Quan!

Hello world!

The group webpage is now online!

We are actively purchasing new instruments & reagents, and are hiring students from chemistry, chemical engineering, biology and materials science. Let’s get started!