We welcome new friends that love chemistry and biology! Each year, we have 1-2 positions for Ph. D. students and research scientists, and 2-3 positions for M. S. students. If you are interested in joining our group, please make sure that you meet the requirements for admission. Details can be found below:

M. S. student:

  • You must obtain the admission from Hunan University. This can be done by passing the exam and interview, or obtaining an exam-waiver (保送资格) from your own university.
  • You must contact Prof. Bai as early as possible to secure a position. Each year we typically get more than 5 applications thus early bird get the worm.
  • You need to pass the group entry exam, when there is competition (e.g. when there are more than enough people applying for joining the group).

Ph. D. student:

  • You should be qualified for Hunan University graduate college’s Application-Assessment (申请考核) process, so that you can possibly get admission from the graduate college. Requirements for this qualification can be found at: This is the year 2020 version, but typically there will be no change in a few years.
  • You need to contact Prof. Bai via email or telephone as early as possible. Each year in the fall and winter season, we typically get more than 2-4 applications EACH WEEK so make sure you make your move earlier.
  • There is an entry exam hold by the group, and you must show your capability by completing the exam.
  • Publications in your M. S. stage of study is NOT mandatory. We care about your potential, not your history.

Foreign (international) student, and domestic student from Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan region:

  • We only accept Ph. D. students.
  • We only accept international students from Viet Nam.

For post-doc applications, please contact Prof. Bai directly.


Special recruitment notice for Fall 2022:

1. 可在细胞内工作的非天然金属催化剂的设计、合成、性能评估与应用研究
2. 新型抗菌高分子和抗菌寡聚物的研发
3. 其他功能高分子材料的研发(以智能生物递送系统为主)

1. 硕士毕业于“双一流”高校,或所在高校本专业在第四次全国学科评估中获得B-以上(含)评分。此为湖南大学官方对于博士招考的规定,课题组无法更改。
2. 可以熟练进行基础的有机合成操作(基本无水无氧操作、柱层析、TLC、重结晶、蒸馏等),可以独立设计(参考相关文献)不是太复杂的分子的合成路线。(注意:基础合成操作能力与经验即可,不要求合成方法学、全合成等hardcore organic chemistry类型的研究背景)
3. 以下条件满足至少一条:
(a) 熟悉质粒相关知识与操作,熟悉蛋白的表达(E. coli)、纯化操作,有定向进化工作经验者优先;
(b) 熟悉常见的高分子合成化学,如ATRP, RAFT, ROMP, 各种开环聚合、缩合聚合等,对高分子功能材料的设计与应用有足够了解;
(c) 对功能DNA材料有较高的熟悉程度,了解功能DNA序列的设计、应用,对SNA的设计、合成与应用有经验者优先;
(d) 对高分子载体体系(纳米载药抗癌类除外),尤其是基因递送、蛋白递送等有较好的经验,对载体的设计有了解,并熟悉相关的性能测试方法;
(e) 对抗菌化合物、抗菌材料(纯粹的PDT类除外)和相关抗菌机理有深入的了解,具有微生物学相关学习背景或研究背景。

对已发表文章没有硬性要求,我们更看重你的基础、兴趣与潜力。有兴趣的同学欢迎发送简历至baiyugang [at] hnu [dot] edu [dot] cn。谢谢。