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Welcome to the BAI (Biomacromolecule Application & Investigation) group!


The main research topics in our group are the design, preparation, investigation and application of biomacromolecules in chemical biology and biomedical applications. We are hoping to utilize biomacromolecules as a platform for complicated structures through rational design and controlled chemical synthesis. By introducing functional groups and moieties that have known functions and biological activities, such as charges, hydrogen bonding donors and acceptors, protein/DNA/RNA ligands and binders, we aim to further enhance the activity and efficacy of these known moieties on the polymers by effecting special structural features and synergistic effects, visualizable in either cellular or animal studies. Biological system is extremely complicated – and our concept is that a complicated problem needs a complicated solution. Indeed, polymeric material is a must for constructing a complicated solution.

Our group is located in the Institute of Chemical Biology and Nanomedicine (ICBN) on Hunan University main campus, and is a part of the State Key Laboratory of Chem/Biosensing and Chemometrics, and a part of the Provincial Key Laboratory of Biomacromolecular Chemical Biology. We have access to various advanced scientific instruments in the group, including two gel permeation chromatography systems with RI, UV-vis and light scattering detectors, a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, a preparative HPLC, a flash protein liquid chromatography instrument, and glove boxes. Advanced instruments such as NMR, TEM, AFM, MALDI-TOF, ICP-MS, confocal microscope and DLS-Zetasizer can also be found within the laboratory building. We also have sufficient funding and excellent office/laboratory environment for all of our students. Currently, the research group leads one National Natural Science Foundation General Program (国自科面上项目), one National Natural Science Foundation Major Program (Nurturing Program) (国家重大研究计划培育项目), one Provincial Natural Science Foundation General Program (湖南省面上项目), and three Open Research Programs from the State Key Labs and Hunan University.

The Bai group sincerely welcomes all graduate students and undergraduates who have interests in our research topics. If you need more information on our ongoing projects, please go to the Research page.

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