Group Photo 2021:

















Graduate Students (Ph. D. Program):






Zhiyong Chen

Chemistry (2018)
B.S. and M.S.: Guizhou University

Research area: Design, synthesis and screening of multi-mechanism antimicrobial polymers
Hobby: table tennis







Silei Bai

Biology (2018), co-advised with Prof. Xinxin Feng at ICBN
B.S. and M.S.: Huazhong Agricultural University

Research area: Screening of mechanistic study of antimicrobial polymers
Hobby: food







Ying Liu

Chemistry (2019)
B.S.: Lanzhou University, M.S.: Hunan University

Research area: NCA polymerization methodology
Hobby: singing, travel, reading, TV, sleep







Zehong Cheng

Chemistry (2015), co-advised with Prof. Jishan Li
B.S.: Hebei University

Research area: Facile N-carboxyanhydride polymerization and dismantlable adhesive
Hobby: guitar







Tong Wu

Chemistry (2018)
B.S.: Anqing Normal University
Research area: Artificial metalloenzymes and their assembly in cells
Hobby: food and fun







Yuan Yao

Chemical Engineering (2021)
B.S. and M.S.: Three Gorges University
Research area: (1) SNA-based catalysts; (2) conductive polymers
Hobby: dancing, yoga



Graduate Students (M. S. Program):







Guopu Huang

Chemistry (2019)
Research area: Polyguanidine as novel gene delivery vectors
Hobby: food








Yingjiao Deng

Chemistry (2019)
Research area: Structure-property relationship of membrane-targeting star polymers
Hobby: shopping








Xianhui Chen

Chemistry (2019)
Research area: Pentamidine-based antimicrobial polymers
Hobby: food








Leyue Zhou

Chemistry (2020)
Research area: Novel gene delivery vectors
Hobby: hiking in mountains, swimming, singing








Yajie Chen

Chemistry (2020)
Research area: Antiviral polymers with DNA/RNA as their targets
Hobby: food, computer








Xue Li

Chemistry (2021)
Research area: Intracellular catalytic system with stable Cu(I) species
Hobby: food








Xue-Ao Mei

Chemistry (2021)
Research area: Antimycobacterial polymers with triple mechanisms of action
Hobby: food, sleep, dancing (not quite good though), thinking about life








Yating Fei

Chemistry (2021)
Research area: Light-governed artificial olefin metathase
Hobby: food








Youzhi Li

Chemistry (2021), co-advised with Prof. Xinxin Feng and Prof. Qingyun Cai
Research area: Hybrid antimicrobial systems from inorganic nanomaterials and dual-mechanistic antimicrobial polymers
Hobby: food





Undergraduate Students:







Zemin Wang

Chemistry (2020)
Research area: Currently learning polymer synthesis
Hobby: food

Email: [To be added]




Group Alumni:







Xiangyu Chao

Chemistry (2016 undergraduate)
Research area: Ruthenium-based polymeric catalyst
Hobby: music and movies

Current position: pursuing Ph. D. degree at Oxford University (U. K.) 







Qing Lu

Chemistry (2017 master)
Research area: synthesis and bio-applications of polymeric catalysts
Hobby: climbing, badminton

Current position: Fu’an Pharmaceutical  (Chongqing)







Yanhong Liu

Chemistry (2018 master)
Research area: Design and synthesis of dendronized organic nanoparticles
Hobby: reading

Current position: Zybio Inc. (Chongqing)







Yu Yuan

Chemistry (2017 undergraduate)
Research area: Design and synthesis of AIE-based organic nanoparticles
Hobby: reading

Current position: Graduate student at Peking University







Qun Liu

Chemistry (2017 undergraduate)
Research area: Metallate-based polymeric catalyst
Hobby: reading, lab work, swimming, tennis and guitar

Current position: Research assistant at SIOC







Jianxue Wang
Chemistry (2015)
B.S: Henan University
Research area: Antimicrobial polyamidines with multi-mechanisms
Hobby: climbing, backcountry adventure, music
Current position: N/A






Bohan Zhang

Chemistry (2014), co-advised student from Dr. Ke Zhang’s lab
B.S.: Hunan University, M.S.: Guangxi University for Nationalities

Research area: Synthesis of fullerene-SNA-based intracellular catalysts
Hobby: music, travel, basketball
Current position: Lecturer at Henan University (Kaifeng)